Policies & Fees


BLACK BEAR Full 6 days of Hunting $8500.pp.

April 9-14th

April 16-21st

May 29th-June 3rd

June 5th-10th

BROWN BEAR 10 full days of hunting $26,000. pp.

April 24-May 3rd

May 6th-15th

May 17th-26th


BLACK BEAR & WOLF Full 6 days of hunting $8,500. pp.

September 1-6

September 8-13

*possible Sitka Deer on these hunts only: $4,000.00 trophy fee. Wolf , trophy fee $1000.00

MOUNTAIN GOAT $20,000. pp. 7 full days of hunting

October 30-Nov. 5

Nov. 7-13

Nov. 15-21: Can combo with Sitka Deer add $8,000.00

Non Hunters

Non hunters are welcome on all hunts! Per Day $500.00 pp.

We offer Kayaking, beach combing, and sightseeing. All non-hunters are welcome to go with the hunter.

Parker Guide Service operates on Tongass National U.S. Forest Service Land under an Authorized Special Use Permit. Parker Guide Service is an equal opportunity provider and employer. There is no need to put in for a draw. All hunts are allotted to us. The following License & Tag fees are additional to your hunt. We are a licensed vendor and you can purchase online or directly through us via mail prior to your hunt or on board before the hunt, depending on which species you are hunting. We will keep you informed.


NOTE: There are no refunds for Licenses or Tags once purchased.

U.S. Non-resident $85

Non-Res. Alien $300



U.S. Non-Resident Fees:

Brown Bear $500

Black Bear $225

Mt. Goat $300

Wolf $30

Sitka Deer $150

Alien Fees:

Brown Bear $650

Black Bear $300

Mt. Goat $400

Wolf $50

Sitka Deer $200


You will fly in & out of Sitka (SIT) for all Bear hunts, and Juneau (JNU) for the Mountain Goat hunt. Alaska Airlines is our only carrier, either via Anchorage or Seattle, either way it is about a 2 hour flight from each city. (alaskaair.com) Please remember not to buy restricted tickets. We also recommend that you protect your hunt investment with travel insurance.

Please arrive at the earliest time available the day before your scheduled hunt date as usually you will fly out to the yacht on an air charter , which is also an additional $350-600. for you hunt costs for the RT ride in either a 185 , Beaver, or Otter. Add lodging onto you costs if you arrive or leave early.



Alaska Law states that any bear wounded and not recovered is considered your bag limit for that year. Please practice your shooting before your hunt. Guns will be checked & sighted in upon arrival to the yacht.



No hunt is held without a deposit. A 50% deposit is required to book a hunt for the current year. A 1/3 deposit is required for bookings made for a hunt one year in advance. The second deposit up to 50% of your hunt cost is due in the December previous to your hunt year. All deposits are non-refundable unless a replacement is found for the same hunt date by the client, or if rebooked by us minus a 10% fee for costs incurred plus whatever discount is given to the new party to rebook the hunt. The final 50% deposit is due 90 days before your hunt begins. No hunt will begin without proper payment or held without a deposit.

We highly recommend acquiring Travel Insurance to protect your hunt investment. (1-800-549-9037)

Boat Cruises

7 Day Cruise - base price $26,000 includes up to 6 guests, groups over 6 add $3,000 per person.

Fishing Excursions

4 Day / 5 Night World Class salmon and halibut fishing excursions, all inclusive $5,500 per person

For more information about the Alaska Hunting Policies and Fees
Call (907) 747-6026 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.