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Alaska Airlines (1-800-252-7522, provides Sitka, Alaska with daily jet service from Seattle, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska Airlines serves most major west coast cities and new direct routes from Washington, D.C., Newark, N.J, and Boston, MA. Additionally, they work with a wide variety of partnership airlines.

Most guests choose to fly in two days before their hunt date, spend the night, and take a sea plane flight out to the boat the next day, the day before the hunt, as Alaska law says you can't fly and hunt the same day. You need to be at the sea plane by 1pm that afternoon, but if you arrive that day, weather may affect your flight departure and the flight might leave earlier than scheduled, so you are encouraged to come two days before your scheduled hunt date, spend the night and be ready for your flight to the boat the next day.

Purchasing restricted tickets is not recommended, as your party may want to change your return date.

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Alaska Hunting Trip Map 

Between two and three hours by air from either Seattle or Anchorage, Sitka enjoys daily jet service by Alaska Airlines, with convenient connections in most major Western cities (new direct routes to Washington D.C., Newark, NJ and Boston, MA).

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