Alaska: Mountain Goat Hunts

Hunting the majestic mountain goat, and just being in the country they inhabit, can be the unforgettable experience of a lifetime! Most hunters lucky enough to secure a trophy will tell you, “Goats don’t come easy!”


Mountain goat habitats in Alaska are harsh and unforgiving. Much time and energy are needed to successfully negotiate the poor late-season weather conditions and rugged terrain found on hunts for the long-haired trophy mountain goat. That’s why the expertise and experience of Parker Guide Service makes such a difference.


Parker Guide Service offers a custom late-season Alaska mountain goat hunts. We have had well over 100% opportunity and enjoyed a nearly 100% success rate on our goat hunts!


Our five-week season runs from the last week of October to the end of November. These goats, found only in the coastal mountains of Southeast Alaska, have incredibly beautiful long hair at this time of year. The goats are in rut during this season; combined with snow and cold weather, this pushes them to lower altitudes where they are more accessible, making the hunt enjoyable for everyone, without undue danger or stress.



You’ll fly to Juneau and take a seaplane flight to our 80-foot pleasure yacht, the Alaskan Harvest. We’ll anchor in a small cove in the middle of mountain goat country and use our 16-foot aluminum boats to reach our hunting areas each day. After your day’s Mountain Goat Hunt, you’ll arrive back at the Alaskan Harvest to delicious meals, hot showers, and warm, comfortable beds. We average billy goats with 9-inch horns (horns range from 8 1/2 to 10 inches.) Goat hunts are very appealing for women as well as men.



  • 7 Full Days of Hunting
  • $21,000 Per Person
  • Non-Hunter $4750
  • October 30 - Nov 5
  • Nov. 7 - 13
  • Nov. 15 - 21
  • Can combine with Sitka Deer on this hunt: Add $6000

Prices are subject to change without notice