Traveling to Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska (Sitka, Juneau, Petersburg, Ketchikan) is a series of islands located on what is known as the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska. There are only two ways to get to these cities; by plane or by ferry.

Travel Planning for Your Alaska Hunt

Most guests fly in two days before their hunt date, spend the night, and take a sea plane flight out to the boat the next day, the day before the hunt, as Alaska law says you can’t fly and hunt the same day.

You need to be at the sea plane by 1 pm that afternoon, but if you arrive that day, weather may affect your flight departure and the flight might leave earlier than scheduled, so you are encouraged to come two days before your scheduled hunt date, spend the night and be ready for your flight to the boat the next day.

Purchasing restricted tickets is not recommended, as your party may want to change your return date.

Airlines that fly to Southeast Alaska:


Alaska Air provides daily air service to Sitka, and the cities of Juneau and Ketchikan on comfortable 737’s. Alaska Airlines serves most major west coast cities and has new direct routes from Washington, D.C., Newark, N.J, and Boston, MA.

It takes about 2 hours to fly to Southeast Alaska from Seattle. When flying into Sitka, there is usually a quick stop in Ketchikan or Juneau first.

Delta Airlines also provides service to Southeast Alaska. See their website for details.

Ferry to Southeast Alaska

Alaska Marine Highway

Alaska Marine Highway provides service to Southeast Alaska from the port of Bellingham, Washington. It can take 3-4 days to ride the ferry to Southeast Alaska. See their website for prices and schedules.

Where to Stay in Sitka, Alaska

There are many excellent bed and breakfasts, lodges, and hotels in Sitka, Alaska.  Here are some places we recommend.

We also recommend you check out Sitka lodging on 

Where to Eat in Sitka, Alaska

Find more Sitka Restaurants on

What to Do in Sitka, Alaska

Sitka, is one of the most historic places in Alaska. It was the site of the signing of the Alaska Purchase on October 18th, 1867, when Russia officially handed over the ownership of Alaska to the US.  Sitka was the first city, and the first state capitol of Alaska.

Here are some other places to visit in Sitka:

What to Pack for your Alaska Hunting Trip

The Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska, where you will be hunting, is an area surrounded by temperate rainforest.  It rains about 90 inches or more a year, and the temperatures in the summer can range from in the mid 40’s to the mid 60’s.   We will be hunting in lush forest land. You will be hunting on rocky shores, soft mountain meadows,   spongy muskegs and thick growth forest.

  • Layers: Bring layers of clothing such as tshirts, sweatshirts and jackets. You may want to bring a hat and gloves just in case.
  • Waterproof outerwear: Keep in mind that it may rain during part of your visit so you will want to have waterproof outerwear.
  • Waterproof hiking shoes or boots are a must.  


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