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Master Guide & Captain Bruce Parker

A full-time resident of Alaska since 1985, Master Guide & Captain Bruce Parker, has been guiding Alaska hunting trips since 1987. He has a full lifetime of experience in hunting and has the knowledge and perspective to provide you with the most rewarding and fun Alaska personalized hunting adventure you will ever have.

We are committed to providing you the very best Alaska hunting trip that money can buy. We provide you with luxurious and spacious accommodations and the utmost in personalized service. Since 1990 we have worked diligently to provide our guests with a rewarding and fulfilling catered Alaska bear hunting experience that gives you an insiders’ perspective on Alaska as well as entertains. We are confident that an Alaskan hunting adventure with us will provide you with wonderful memories that will last the rest of your life.

Captian Ann-Marie Parker

Registered Guide / Captian Ann-Marie Parker

Ann-Marie “Registered Guide and Captain”, a resident of Alaska since 1989 and has been guiding since 1995.

Notes & Facts: From the Captain

Ninety-five percent of Alaska’s Panhandle, also known as Southeast Alaska, is covered by the Tongass National Forest, the world’s last largest, fairly intact temperate rainforest, containing 17 million acres, or over 26,000 square miles.

Its western shore, or border, is characterized by an archipelago of hundreds of islands that increase its size by almost twice, being land and ocean.

The variety of wildlife here is phenomenal including but not limited to brown bear, sea otters, eagles, black bear, whale, salmon, Sitka deer, mountain goats, orcas, puffins, sea lions, seals, all sorts of sea birds and waterfowl, wolf, moose, land otters, mink, marten, trout, porpoises, etc.

In the early years, we used a 60′ cruiser. In August 2007, we updated our vessel to the Alaskan Harvest, a custom built 80’ luxury yacht.

It is our experience that there are few of this size cruisers available taking only small groups of 6 — 12 guests. We specialize in getting you up close and personal with S.E. Alaska, something you won’t find on a larger group based vessel and cruise tours. We give you a very intimate experience. Exclusive cruise tours are available for your specific group. Or you can share with others and bond with newfound acquaintances.

Captain Bruce Parker

Safari Magazine May/June 2020

Bruce was raised on a remote farm/ranch in Northwest Montana in the middle of a superb hunting and wildlife area. He has always loved working and living in the outdoors with the abundant wildlife. He began hunting at age 8 when he was allowed a single-shot 20-gauge shotgun. Scouring the back woods and thickets, he hunted ruffed grouse, waterfowl, pheasants and Canada geese with his German short hair retriever. Bruce frequently hunted by himself, occasionally accompanied by two older brothers. At age 12, his Dad took him on his first big game hunt in Eastern Montana.

The passion for hunting consumed him and he farmed so he could hunt. For several years, Bruce worked with local hunting guides to learn the business and at the age of 23 moved to Alaska to launch his guide career utilizing his extensive big game and bird hunting experience. His passion for hunting motivated him to become a Professional Hunter.

For four years, Bruce worked at construction and commercial fishing. Having harvested most of the Alaska big game, he was hired by a guide and got his first assistant Alaska guide license. After he obtained all the required licenses and permits to establish his own guiding business, he moved to Sitka, Alaska and rented a vessel to hunt costal brown and black bear, mountain goat, Sitka deer and wolf. All Parker Guide Service hunts are yacht-based. An 80-foot luxury yacht, Alaska Harvest, was designed and built to Bruce’s specifications to provide clients first class accommodations.

Captain Parker explains what sets his operation apart from others.

“A driving passion and priority for clients to succeed, while doing all this from a custom-built yacht. We provide our clients with a very unique hunting experience with accessibility for anyone wanting to hunt and be successful.”

Captain Parker states his firearms preferences for his Alaska hunts are .300 Ultra mag, .338 Win. mag and .375 H&H.

“I find the Ultra Mag loaded with a 180-grain Scirocco bullet to be one of the most incredibly accurate and deadly combos for what we hunt.”

Over the years, his clients have provided a wide range of experiences but Bruce counts his most memorable was

“getting several 80-year-old clients mountain goats and brown bears. Seeing the elation and appreciation on their faces was priceless.”

Parker Guide Service has been in business for 30 years. In addition to big game and bird hunting, six and seven-night custom arranged cruises through Alaska’s Inside Passage and four-day, five-night ocean fishing packages out of the Sitka area are also offered. Parker Guide Service is a member of Alaska Professional Hunters Association, a statewide professional hunting program that works with government entities in Alaska, providing hunting opportunities for all. Bruce is an SCI Life member and has exhibited at the annual convention since the early 1990s.

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