See what sets us apart….

  1. We hunt in November, the winter season, when the goat hair is at it’s very longest, longer than any other goat area in the world. This is due to the coastal raw, cold, damp air and climate, unlike dryer winter air in interior areas.
  1.  Goat hunts are all done in during the prime rut, when they are most accessible at very low elevations. What this means to our clients is that there in no climbing involved. Most goats are taken from the shoreline. Average shot distance is typically 300-400 yards.
  1.  We have 28 years of personal experience in the same guide area, making unsurpassed knowledge of the area and goats, leading to virtually 100% harvest rates with Trophy Billy’s.
  1. Offering 28 years of virtually 100% harvest success, which proves this hunt is North America’s easiest  and successful Mountain Goat Hunt available. We are the originators of late season Mountain Goat hunts done by boat, and continue to maintain the highest successful late season Goat hunt available.
  1.  We offer our clients a multi million dollar, unsurpassed custom built yacht, specifically designed with luxurious accommodations with all the amenities of home. This includes private staterooms with full bathrooms, a full time chef offering first class meals.
  1.  Custom designed, seaworthy and comfortable small boats (skiffs) to access the hunting area each day.
  1.  Incredible one of a kind scenery of tide water glaciers, sea life, and fjords. The area we hunt has one of the highest recorded densities found in North America.
  1.  We are personally involved and guiding on all of our hunts.
  1.  Professional and supportive crew that are experienced in our hunting operation and areas that we hunts in.  You maintain an experienced crew of five insuring your success.
  1.  Each client gets the highlight of being involved in 2-3 other hunter’s successful goat hunts. You will be able to enjoy watching other hunters as well if you choose to do so, which has been one of the highlights for our clients on this hunt, whether they have come with the other hunters or not. Being involved with other hunters enjoyment and success of their dream of a lifetime goal of taking a beautiful billy has lead to an amazing experience shared by all, creating lasting friendships in the hunting world.
  1. We have hunted the same goat areas since 1991, and we know the goats patterns, where they are accessible, and where the best places to hunt are, and how to put you on trophy Billies.