Cruising in South East Alaska

Cruising in South East Alaska.: Larger or small vessel? Which is better?

Our show season is just wrapping up. We had the pleasure of talking to so many people who love Alaska and have had amazing hunting,  fishing, and cruising adventures in our great state. So you are thinking about coming back and doing a cruise through The Inside Passage. You have reads the news the last few weeks and it has you wondering about whether you would want to get on a cruise ship with several bars and restaurants, and yes thousands of people. What are your alternatives?  Although large cruise ship cruising has it’s advantages , there are several advantages to going with a smaller cruise ship company, say one that holds up to 250 guests instead of 2,500 plus. There are also private cruises that take up to 12 passengers and this is what we offer to our clients.

What you won’t get are yes 42 bars and 22 restaurants, pools and rock climbing walls. But you can do this at home! If you are taking the time to come to Alaska then by all means see and experience as much of Alaska as you can while you are here. Do this and skip the long lines.  We cater to groups of families and friends up to 12 guests and let you decide what you would like to do with your time. There are plenty of activities to choose from: glacier viewing, kayaking, beach combing, fresh and salt water fishing, hiking, skiffing, and swimming: if you are brave enough to take the polar plunge! We specialize in marine and wildlife viewing. We can take you up close to privately view Brown Bears, Black Bears, Mountain Goats, Sitka Deer, possible Moose and even a wolf if you are lucky. Marine life abounds with different species of whales, sea otters who love putting a on show, seals, and sea lions. Every day there is so much to see, explore and do.  Larger groups put larger impacts on the use of the beaches, waterways and wildlife viewing.  You would not be competing for window space. It would be guaranteed and you would be experiencing it in the privacy of your own charter with only the people you care about. Your crew are local people who care deeply for their natural resources and use this amazing back yard all the time. They are used to getting up close and personal with the animals to a respectful distance safely and stealthily. A small group, making a small impact, yet seeing much more that the larger boats do. What about the shopping? Well there is always time for that before you leave town and when you fly back to a different one. Add on a couple of days on each end if you have activities that you really want to do in SItka or Juneau. However don’t be one of those people who come to Alaska only to see the inside of shops. You would be missing the whole point of our whole State. Alaska is called “The Last Frontier”. Experience it as locals do, by being In it, living it, doing it, loving it. Your life will be changed when you do.


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